Contractor – Opportunities – Requirements – Application

To become a contractor for Cannon Properties Group there are six critical documents that you will need to execute:

  1. Independent Contractor’s Agreement
  2. Final Scope of Work
  3. Payment Schedule
  4. Insurance Indemnification Agreement
  5. W-9s
  6. Final and Unconditional Waiver of Lien.

Cannon Properties Group requires these six documents as legal protection.


The timing of these documents is critical. The first five documents will need to be signed before the start of construction, but after the property has closed escrow. The last document, the Final and Unconditional Waiver of Lien, will be signed under any circumstances until the contractor has finished work on the project.


  • We provide a detailed scope of work increasing efficiency.
  • We are legally defensible in what we do decreasing your risk.
  • We love to pay our contractors.
  • We offer the prospects of an ongoing continued business.


Submit your information online by filling out our CONTRACTOR APPLICATION below and we will follow up with you shortly!

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