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When you lease a property from CPG along with an option to purchase the property, you become essentially the owner of the property. Be clear, CPG’s intentions when lease/optioning your property is that in your timing you will exercise the option to purchase the property and become the homeowner.

We have easy qualifying which means that you don’t have to jump through at the bank such as traditional pre-qualifying with a lender or bank.

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Our Qualifying Process

At Cannon Properties Group, our qualifying looks at three basic things. Number one, verification of employment. We are looking for someone who makes a reasonable income within an established job history.

The second thing we look for is whether you’ve paid your rent (or house payment). We are looking for someone that has a history of making a rent (or house) payments on time.

Number three: We look at credit. The credit doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be reasonable. A few slow pays or even a bankruptcy can be okay.

If you believe you meet these three criteria, then enter your information in the following form to lease/option or purchase a Cannon Properties Home and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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